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Thirteen years ago I was trying every so called great "ground floor opportunity" online. I've tried pretty much all the gazillion different home based business "Programs", depending on which was in fashion or trendy at the time. Wherever I turned there was another "just recruit 2 people into this and retire rich" or a "sell this and make a billion dollars by this time next week" kinda deal.

At some point or another, some "experts" even sold me on the idea of making a lot of money by "reading emails", "taking surveys" etc, etc! (Nice concept but I soon got tired of just making "pennies" for a lot of work.) Ten to twenty dollar monthly checks just weren't cutting it. I won't even get into the "work at home" programs like stuffing envelopes, and computer "home work" etc, etc.

Basically, there was always someone selling "the secret" to riches online. "Gurus" showing pictures of themselves standing in front of expensive sport cars or at some tropical getaway or beach, reclining with their laptops in comfy chairs sipping fruity drinks, giving me their "pitch" as to how their "system" would get me rich.

Then there were the "directories" that supposedly pointed you to the "top work at home jobs or opportunities".  These were the guys that supposedly did "reviews" on the various opportunities out there and rated them etc.  Turns out that they were just affiliates of the various programs that they were "promoting" (oops! "reviewing") and probably never ever made money themselves in those programs!

I was buying every "make money ebook" and "system" every "Guru" ever published. I even got "sold" on buying a "system" on betting on the horses!  The ironic thing was ... I wasn't even searching for an opportunity to "get rich" ... I just wanted to find something that could make me a few extra bucks from home! Can you relate to my story? :)


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I was beginning to give up hope of ever being able to make money online from home around my schedule. (I'm a stay at home mom with FIVE kids!) And then I found your site again. :) I found it refreshingly candid. 

I've been taken in by so many "gurus" over the last few years that it's not even funny.  It seems like every now and again another one comes along with a new "system" and attracts a lot of attention (ads all over the place) but then eventually fades away.

Some even want you to give them your contact info BEFORE you can even see what they're offering! The fact that you have been around since early 2000 (I first came across your site since back then) and the fact that you actually share your personal contact information on your site (and you actually answered the phone! :-) also made all the difference to me.

Thank you for helping me to finally realize my dream of being able to make money from home, while at the same time allowing me to spend tons of time with my family.

Monica Celeste.  Washington DC. Usa.


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Joe Batton. Hamburg, Germany.


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